Dad and his sister grab a quick lunch at Brindisa tapas restaurant

Dad loves to visit Borough Market in London. On a recent trip, he and his sister grabbed a quick bite at Brindisa Tapas. Read about their experience here


Travel review: Barolo, Seattle

After a fun day wandering around Pike Place Market in Seattle, dad, ‘future mom’ and I met one of dad’s friends for dinner. She recommended an Italian restaurant in the downtown area called Barolo

In the UK, our average experience of Italian food is quite generic. Dad and I tend to find pasta dishes filling but never rising above high mediocrity. Dad often feels that he shouldn’t be paying for pasta in a restaurant as he can cook it better at home
In contrast, America is replete with Italian restaurants with higher aspirations. From fine dining places like Cafe Juanita in Kirkland through to family restaurants going back generations, dad and I have found many interesting Italian places to eat on holiday in the USA Continue reading

Teddy parachute jumps for charity

A year ago, I got the chance to raise money for charity and also become a parachute jumper like dad. Despite his fear of heights, dad had done a tandem jump on holiday in Cleveland but he couldn’t take me with him on the jump

However, he spotted an advert raising money for Action for Children. They were offering teddy bears the chance to jump off Winchester Cathedral for charity

It started off as a slightly gray day but it was the breeze which was more concerning for us intrepid jumpers. To be fair, the event organiser, Kim used her own teddy for the test jump to make sure it was safe

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Ski Hat Bear – RIP

I just wanted to share a quick tribute to ski hat bear. He would fit over dad’s ski helmet, making it easy for the rest of dad’s ski party to follow him when he was leading the group 

 Sadly, ski hat bear flew off dad’s helmet somewhere on the Sarenne run in Alpe d’Huez. Despite everyone in the ski group looking for him for the rest of the holiday, he was never found

I like to believe that he was found by a friendly snowcat driver and now spends his evenings looking out of the front of the snowcat cab going up and down pistes

Ski hat bear, you are gone but not forgotten

Travel review: Pike Place Market, Seattle

Today, I’m continuing my series of travel reviews from our holiday to the USA last summer. After visiting the Space Needle at Seattle Center, dad, ‘future mom’ and I took the short monorail ride to Westlake Center in the downtown area. It’s fun to think that this was the world’s first monorail, built all the way back in 1962

As it was ‘future mom’s first visit to Seattle, we took her to one of Seattle’s other iconic tourist destinations, Pike Place Market. Perhaps a bit like Borough Market in London, locals may sneer at the touristy air about the place but there’s lots of great local produce available for both locals and visitors though I appreciate there may be a slight tourist mark up

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Malaysian football player is nominated for Puskas Award

Malaysia doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to football. Our physique doesn’t lend itself to competing on the pitch and we don’t have the money to create a competitive league

Our only achievement of note was to qualify for the Olympic football tournament in 1980, an occasion dad remembers well when the entire housing estate erupted in jubilation as James Wong scored the winner in extra time against the formidable South Koreans. Shane that we then boycotted those Moscow Games!

So, here is a video of Malaysian Faiz Subri’s free kick, which has earned him a nomination for the Ferenc Puskas award, named after the legendary Magyar player

Film review: Eddie the Eagle

I’m not sure if they intentionally released this movie on April Fool’s Day but Eddie the Eagle has been one of the UK’s more controversial sporting heroes

Dad and I love skiing and if God granted us a wish to do one sport without killing ourselves, we would strongly consider ski jumping. It must be the closest feeling to flying as you gently float down that mountain. Hence, Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards (Taron Egerton) being one of our personal sporting heroes. Though people criticised him for not matching the top ski jumpers in performance, he was the British record holder for a long time

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Travel review: Seattle Center

Today, I’m continuing my reviews from Seattle as I continue my series from my trip to the USA last year with ‘future mom’ and dad
Seattle Center is the site of the 1962 World Fair and remains a tourist destination in the northern part of downtown Seattle. It’s a nice stroll or you can take the Monorail from Westlake Centre

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