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Guest travel review: final thoughts on skiing

It’s Patchy Bear and Ski Bear here. We hope you’ve enjoyed our guest reviews from Les Gets in France. Just a few final thoughts about skiing

 Skiing is a unique holiday though it’s not to everyone’s taste. However, dad and we love it for its combination of great views, clean mountain air, exercise and seeing new countries

The snow conditions can vary and while skiing in the middle of winter gives the best probability of good snow, it’s no guarantee. For example, this year has seen the best snow at the end of season. The best skiing conditions are straight after a dump of fresh snow. To that end, if you have a fresh dump of snow, get out and ski in it as you never know when the next fresh snow day will come. This especially applies if you love skiing fresh powder off-piste

Similarly, with the sun, you never know when you will next be able to sit outdoors just in your t shirt, surrounded by snow but basking in the sun. So, take advantage when the conditions are sunny Continue reading

Guest travel review: travel to Les Gets

Patchy Bear and Ski Bear here, guest reviewing dad and his sister’s recent ski holiday to Les Gets in France

 Sis did the organisation and chose Geneva airport because of its proximity to quite a few ski resorts, making it ideal for a short ski break as you can ski on the day of arrival and day of departure

Geneva Airport was efficient but not the most aesthetically pleasing building from the outside. Last year, dad and sis hired a car with some friends and driving back to the rental car return is a small adventure. There’s only one unmanned petrol station to refuel and it only takes cards. Parking spaces in the airport are very tight

 The inside is more pleasant and run with Swiss efficiency. The self check in kiosks and self baggage labelling machines take a little bit of getting used to. Make sure you wait for your rectangular boarding pass to come out before leaving. It does takes a long time to come out after everything seems to be finished and quite a few people left without their boarding pass Continue reading

Guest travel review: Restaurant La R’mize

Patchy Bear and Ski Bear here. We’re continuing our reviews from the ski resort of Les Gets in France

Dad did check up on restaurants in Les Gets before the trip and La R’mize was the top-ranked restaurant on Tripadvisor. A couple of emails and the table was booked for dinner

La R’mize is in the old town, a 5 minute walk from the main ski area of Les Gets. Dad and sis arrived to a ‘restaurant complet’ sign, so it was a good thing that dad booked a table. They don’t have online reservations but respond promptly to emails

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Guest travel review: how not to go over a ski jump

Patchy Bear and Ski Bear here. Today, we’re sharing a funny video from our recent holiday to Les Gets in France. Using a video of dad in the snow park, we’re showing how not to go over a ski jump. The jumper’s weight should be further forward in order to land on your skis. Make sure to have the sound on to hear dad’s cry of ‘arrgh’ as he flies over the jump, ever so slightly out if control! Hehe

Guest travel review: Restaurant L’Outa, Les Gets

It’s Patchy Bear and Ski Bear here, guest reviewing about our ski trip to Les Gets with dad and his sister

With the exception of celebrity hangouts like Aspen and Vail, ski resorts aren’t usually blessed with gourmet dining. In France, the dining scene in ski resorts is dominated by traditional French cuisine

As dad and sis wandered around Les Gets on their first evening there, quite a few restaurants serving standard fare were full but they stumbled upon a real gem in Restaurant L’Outa

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Guest travel review: mountain restaurants in Les Gets

Greetings from Ski Bear and Patchy Bear standing in for uncle Teddy on our ski trip to Les Gets on France

 Skiing is one of those few times that you can stuff your face with fewer feelings of guilt. With all the exercise on the pistes, you can afford to eat a few calories. To that end, the food in this Savoyard region does have its hearty dishes like tartiflette and raclette, where they give you a whole block of cheese on your table and a heated to melt it onto whole potatoes and cured meats

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