Travel review: Pike Place Market, Seattle

Today, I’m continuing my series of travel reviews from our holiday to the USA last summer. After visiting the Space Needle at Seattle Center, dad, ‘future mom’ and I took the short monorail ride to Westlake Center in the downtown area. It’s fun to think that this was the world’s first monorail, built all the way back in 1962

As it was ‘future mom’s first visit to Seattle, we took her to one of Seattle’s other iconic tourist destinations, Pike Place Market. Perhaps a bit like Borough Market in London, locals may sneer at the touristy air about the place but there’s lots of great local produce available for both locals and visitors though I appreciate there may be a slight tourist mark up

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Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market

As the winter chills set in this month, it really is starting to feel like winter. Time to get my teddy scarf out methinks

Dad and I have been to several Christmas markets in Germany and while they were fun short trips abroad, we did find some of them a little disappointing – not much variety in the food offerings and the merchandise cheap and nasty

My mom to be lives in Winchester, the old capital of England. The city has a historic feel to it and well worth a trip. The cathedral is a focal point for the town and it is celebrating the 10th year of holding its Christmas market


Held in the shadow of the cathedral, there are stalls offering cooked food, food products and assorted gifts as well as an outdoor ice rink Continue reading