Travel review: Japanese Gardens, Seattle

Today, I’m continuing my reviews from our holiday in Seattle last summer. Like any large city, the city centre feels busy even though Seattle has amazing views of nature even from the middle of town

However, at times, it’s nice to be able to escape the hurly burly and one of dad’s favourite quiet spots is at the eastern end of East Madison Street. If you’re driving east, turn left onto Lake Washington Boulevard East, where the Washington Park arboretum can be found. As you drive north, the Japanese Gardens will be on your left. There is free parking

This 3.5 acre Japanese gardens isn’t be the largest but it’s beautifully put together to reflect the Japanese values of tranquility, peace and balance. Once past the entrance booth, tall trees shield you from road noise and you can feel the peace seep into you as you view the harmonious combination of elements common to Japanese gardens

The first area you encounter has rocks, streams and little hills, giving different paths to enter deeper into the gardens. I like the sound of the running water from the streams, which is very calming to my big teddy bear ears

The central area is dominated by a large pond with many koi carp and ducks in it. They flock to people at the edge of the pond, looking eagerly to be fed. They sell fish food in the gardens that you can benevolently distribute

There are benches dotted around to sit on and relax. With the big lake, you can catch some great photos with reflections of the trees and little ornamental buildings

If you feel somewhere for a bit of peace and quiet, this may be just the spot for you
Seattle Japanese Gardens

1075 Lake Washington Blvd. Seattle, WA 98112


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