Hi, everyone! Welcome to my little space on the worldwide web

Having been on Facebook for a few years, I thought I would start a blog as it’s easier to capture events from my life more easily

I was born in Malaysia and dad isn’t sure whether I’m currently 46 or 47 years old as his parents couldn’t remember if I was given to him at his birth or on his first birthday. As he was only a little babe at the time, I was named Teddy and that has suited me ever since

I had all the usual adventures with dad as a child, protecting him from monsters under the bed at night and going on many adventures with him. We have furniture-hopped over lava pools/sharks/etc, charged enemy positions on the battlefield and made many flights into outer space together. Oh, those heady days of childhood imagination!

I came over to England with dad in 1981 when he came to boarding school. It wasn’t quite like the adventures in books about boarding schools like Mallory Towers but still great fun. Dad made many good friends and acquired his love for sport here

Going to medical school in London with dad was fun – being in the capital meant lots of culture and fun events as well as having our noses in the books to acquire a medical degree

These days, I share in dad’s love for travel and food. I will bring you travel logs, restaurant reviews, assorted musings and things that tickle my funny bone. See you soon!


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