It’s arrived!

A few weeks ago, I shared a Richmond Sausages advert on here. Here’s another advert in that same series

Dad and ‘future mom’ managed to find a packet of Richmond Sausages with a Teddy tracker prize and it has arrived. The offer closes on 16/2/16, so if you want one for your beloved teddy, you still have a couple of weeks to keep searching 



Film review: The Assassin

Any hint of a wuxia movie makes dad’s film antennae stand right up. Hailing from Malaysia, he was brought up on a diet of Hong Kong martial arts movies and there were many fond memories of family trips out to the latest Jackie Chan blockbuster

It was nice to see this genre of movie break through into the western mainstream with Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tiger in 2000. Dad remembers the spontaneous applause that broke out in the cinema after the first martial fight scene in Crouching Tiger. Other than the action sequences which put the Hollywood attempts into the shade, it introduced well-trodden eastern movie themes such as duty and unrequited love to western audiences

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Travel review: Joe’s Crab Shack, Lawrenceville

Despite close to 16 months of dad trying to take ‘future mom’ to Burger and Lobster, he still had no success by the time we all went to the USA last June. For those unfamiliar with this London chain, it’s a no reservation restaurant chain which only serves 3 things – whole lobster, lobster roll and burger, all costing £20, which is great value for lobster in London. Whoever orders the burger needs an urgent lesson at the Malaysian school of value for money!

After flying in from London and an unexpected detour courtesy of the U.S. 1 highway exit ramp being closed from the U.S. 18, we were looking for some dinner although dad and ‘future mom’s’ brains were telling them it was 3am back home Continue reading

Teddy Bear Toss

Now, teddy bears have a very big heart, especially when it comes to charity. However, I do take my hat off to these teddy bears who allow themselves to be thrown for charity

The Calgary Hitmen of the Western Hockey League have a teddy bear tossing tradition. Once a year, their charitable fans bring bears to the annual Teddy Bear Toss. This year’s event saw a record 28,815 bears tossed onto the ice in the 21st running of the event. The event demolished the organisation’s previous world record of 26,919 bears collected during the Hitmen’s 2007 Teddy Bear Toss. The teddy bears are donated to charities in the Calgary area

Here are the players with the bears

Bear toss

Travel review: Red Roof Inn, Princeton

On our travels, dad and I aim to spend most of our holiday time exploring rather than in hotel rooms. We do like the odd bit of luxury but generally, we’re happy as long as the room is clean and in a safe area

In the USA, there’s a myriad of options in the motel price range. I think it may be because there’s a tradition of long distance driving but there are many more motels and motel chains than we have here in the UK

As we tend to only need a place to lay our head for a few hours in Princeton, Red Roof Inn suits our purposes. We arrive late into Newark Liberty International Airport, drive 40 minutes to Princeton and this motel is located right on the US1 highway, which is ideal as dad’s brain is usually trying to tell the rest of his body that it’s the early hours of the morning back in the UK!  Continue reading

Travel review: Newark Liberty International Airport

Dad and I usually enter the USA through Newark Liberty International Airport. Virgin Atlantic arrive at terminal B though we’ve also flown out of terminal A with a myriad of domestic airlines

As we usually arrive just after 11pm EST on the late flight out of London Heathrow Airport, dad usually gives up any semblance of dignity and makes an Olympic race-walking speed dash to immigration. It’s worth the indignity as the immigration line can be long and a quick walk can mean a difference of 15-20 minutes  Continue reading

Travel review: New Joisey

Last summer, dad and I introduced ‘future mom’ to our usual USA trip itinerary. Dad would work a whole day and we’d dash to Heathrow after work to catch the late flight to the USA

We’d start our trips on the east coast as that late flight would get in late the same evening due to the time difference. Then, we’d be in the USA the next morning, all ready to start our holiday

I’ve written New Joisey deliberately as that’s the parody that that’s how the locals pronounce New Jersey. New Yorkers look down on those from the wrong side of the Hudson River and in general, the state isn’t held in the highest regard by other Americans Continue reading

Photography: Shadow Photos

Dad and I like quirky, fun photos. With the ever-improving abilities on smartphones, we love snapping spontaneously as things catch our eye

We’ll be sharing our little adventures and ideas with you as they come up. Today, we have shadow photos. As you can probably guess, the first time dad and I tried this, it was not in cloudy England. We were in San Francisco on a sunny day and the photos just appeared on the pavement in front of us


This summer, dad and ‘future mom’ repeated the trick when they were on holiday in the USA Continue reading