Guest travel review: travel to Les Gets

Patchy Bear and Ski Bear here, guest reviewing dad and his sister’s recent ski holiday to Les Gets in France

 Sis did the organisation and chose Geneva airport because of its proximity to quite a few ski resorts, making it ideal for a short ski break as you can ski on the day of arrival and day of departure

Geneva Airport was efficient but not the most aesthetically pleasing building from the outside. Last year, dad and sis hired a car with some friends and driving back to the rental car return is a small adventure. There’s only one unmanned petrol station to refuel and it only takes cards. Parking spaces in the airport are very tight

 The inside is more pleasant and run with Swiss efficiency. The self check in kiosks and self baggage labelling machines take a little bit of getting used to. Make sure you wait for your rectangular boarding pass to come out before leaving. It does takes a long time to come out after everything seems to be finished and quite a few people left without their boarding pass Continue reading


Travel review: New York Penn Station

New York Penn station was my and dad’s first introduction to Manhattan on our first visit to the Big Apple. To keep costs down, we stayed at a hotel near Newark Airport and took the New Jersey transit train to Penn station, a 25 minute journey

Firstly, to my non-USA readers, this station is huge, occupying several city blocks and spread over several floors. It can be hard to get your orientation as to which exit to head for but its bounded by 7th Ave to the east, 8th Ave to the west, 31st St to the south and 33rd street to the north. The signposting is generally good within the station though dad and I found that the odd route to some subway lines does suddenly disappear

Next fact to note is that the whole station is underground, so you won’t be able to spot it by any grand external facade. However, sitting on top of it is iconic Madison Square Gardens, so just aim for that instead  Continue reading

Travel review: Hertz

When we travel, dad and I often need to drive. In fact, some holidays require driving to fully experience that country, like the wide roads of the USA

Car rental counters are never great fun. Especially after a long flight. The staff seem to take forever to process each customer with a laborious process to allocate a car

There are cheaper rental companies than Hertz but dad found out that you could get Gold member status after making just 3 rentals. So, we went with Hertz and have stayed with them over the years Continue reading