Teddy parachute jumps for charity

A year ago, I got the chance to raise money for charity and also become a parachute jumper like dad. Despite his fear of heights, dad had done a tandem jump on holiday in Cleveland but he couldn’t take me with him on the jump

However, he spotted an advert raising money for Action for Children. They were offering teddy bears the chance to jump off Winchester Cathedral for charity

It started off as a slightly gray day but it was the breeze which was more concerning for us intrepid jumpers. To be fair, the event organiser, Kim used her own teddy for the test jump to make sure it was safe

I checked in and was togged up with my parachute – a jaunty orange number. The event was opened by a celebrity bear, Binky and a formation jump before we public bears began jumping

Here’s my effort – the wind did affect me!

Happily, the organisers were ready to collect all jumpers with a stretcher. A quick dust down and we were given a certificate to crememorate our jump. A worthy cause and a fun event

Action for Children


4 thoughts on “Teddy parachute jumps for charity

  1. Wow, what fun! Except your landing looked a little…injurious. Good thing your dad is an ER doc. I hope you were given a nice rest and many hugs after your extreme bravery. ❤


      • Yeah, you smacking into the walls looked a bit brutal, Ted. You’re such a brave bear! I (Pookey) don’t believe I would attempt such a thing…I’m not sure I’d survive!


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