Travel review: Seattle Tacoma International Airport

Affectionately known as SEATAC by locals, the airport is located about 10 miles south of downtown Seattle

Dad and I love watching the landing as the plane flies over the complex series of islands and waterways which surround the area. It’s always verdant and green, a lovely reminder of the wonderful nature that surrounds the city

 Unlike London’s Heathrow Airport, there’s a sense of space around SEATAC due to its development outside of the city limits. The main terminal building has 4 concourses with 2 satellite terminals, all connected by a rail shuttle system if you don’t fancy walking

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Travel review: JetBlue

After a lovely time in New York, dad, ‘future mom’ and I flew to the west coast

Our favourite airline overall is Singapore Airlines for their modern planes and top class service. However, JetBlue is a close second favourite

 JetBlue is regarded as a budget airline, which makes it even more incredible. Dad and I are used to the European model of budget airlines, where they charge you for literally everything extra. In return for cheap flights, you’re expected to put up with minimum standards in return

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Guest travel review: Queen’s Terminal at Heathrow Airport

Hi there. It’s Patchy Bear and Ski Bear again. One last post about our ski holiday to Les Gets in France

Heathrow Airport is rebuilding some of its older terminals. The newest of these is currently terminal 2, known as the Queen’s Terminal. It hosts mainly European airlines. We flew out with Swiss airlines, which had the most comprehensive self check in process – you even have to tag your own check in baggage

Security was efficient and we were soon airside. Lots of seating and high end shops. Certainly the most interesting and varied restaurant choice of any of the Heathrow terminals Continue reading

Guest travel review: travel to Les Gets

Patchy Bear and Ski Bear here, guest reviewing dad and his sister’s recent ski holiday to Les Gets in France

 Sis did the organisation and chose Geneva airport because of its proximity to quite a few ski resorts, making it ideal for a short ski break as you can ski on the day of arrival and day of departure

Geneva Airport was efficient but not the most aesthetically pleasing building from the outside. Last year, dad and sis hired a car with some friends and driving back to the rental car return is a small adventure. There’s only one unmanned petrol station to refuel and it only takes cards. Parking spaces in the airport are very tight

 The inside is more pleasant and run with Swiss efficiency. The self check in kiosks and self baggage labelling machines take a little bit of getting used to. Make sure you wait for your rectangular boarding pass to come out before leaving. It does takes a long time to come out after everything seems to be finished and quite a few people left without their boarding pass Continue reading

Travel review: Newark Liberty International Airport

Dad and I usually enter the USA through Newark Liberty International Airport. Virgin Atlantic arrive at terminal B though we’ve also flown out of terminal A with a myriad of domestic airlines

As we usually arrive just after 11pm EST on the late flight out of London Heathrow Airport, dad usually gives up any semblance of dignity and makes an Olympic race-walking speed dash to immigration. It’s worth the indignity as the immigration line can be long and a quick walk can mean a difference of 15-20 minutes  Continue reading

Travel review: Heathrow airport

London is served by 4 major airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and City) though Easyjet is trying to dupe unwary foreign flyers into believing that Southend on the east coast is in London

Heathrow still retains the cachet for foreign airlines and most fly there though a few now do also use Gatwick

Belying its military airfield beginning, Heathrow’s position in the middle of a dense residential area has limited its expansion over the years and the government are about to decide on which London airport gets a new runway. If it’s Heathrow, expect many years of disruption with building work Continue reading