Travel review: Nishino, Seattle

Today, I would like to share one of dad’s favourite restaurants in Seattle. One of the genres of food, which is so much better in the USA is Japanese food and especially the sushi  dad is saddened by the fact that the UK can’t match the quality of fish, especially as it’s an island

Close to the Japanese Gardens at the eastern end of East Madison Street is Nishino. Dad and I return every year to eat their grand omakase menu

This is a multi course Japanese meal, covering many genres of food. The meal starts with canapés which burst with flavour and then cover a selection of mainly seafood

Dad’s favourite single course is the amazing seared foie gras, tuna on shiitake mushroom with red wine reduction. Rich decadence in a single mouthful
The meal ends with the best buttery o-toro nigiri. This is the best cut of the tuna belly, which melts in your mouthDad returns here every year. Enough said

3130 East Madison Street, Seattle 98112


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