Travel review: Snoqualmie Falls

I’m continuing my travel reviews from our USA holiday last summer. After spending time exploring the tourist sites in Seattle town centre, we headed east

About 30 miles east from downtown Seattle is Snoqualmie Falls. Famous as the backdrop for the Twin Peaks TV series, the waterfall has had different characters when dad and I visited

In full flow, it’s majestic as water cascades over the whole length of the drop down the 268 feet drop. With lower water levels, it’s quieter (literally!) and you can see the trees carried downriver by the water

Amazingly, buried in the rock face are 2 power plants and you can see the run offs from the turbines as discreet channels of water at the bottom
Parking is free but can get full quickly. There’s a viewing platform from high up but you can hike down easily to the bottom. There’s also a gift shop

Right at the Falls, you’ll find the luxurious Salish Lodge with romantic rooms, 2 restaurants and a cool spa

Worth the drive from town


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