Travel review: Barolo, Seattle

After a fun day wandering around Pike Place Market in Seattle, dad, ‘future mom’ and I met one of dad’s friends for dinner. She recommended an Italian restaurant in the downtown area called Barolo

In the UK, our average experience of Italian food is quite generic. Dad and I tend to find pasta dishes filling but never rising above high mediocrity. Dad often feels that he shouldn’t be paying for pasta in a restaurant as he can cook it better at home
In contrast, America is replete with Italian restaurants with higher aspirations. From fine dining places like Cafe Juanita in Kirkland through to family restaurants going back generations, dad and I have found many interesting Italian places to eat on holiday in the USA

The restaurant is beautifully decorated with a high end feel to it

Dad and ‘future mom’ both chose pasta – fettuccine with braised organic rabbit & organic cherry tomatoes and rigatoni with organic leg of lamb ragu, parmiggiana & fresh herbs. Both sauces had a lot more body to them compared to those you tend to find in Italian restaurants in the UK

Desserts were also classic Italian – poached pears, cannoli and tiramisu

Barolo turned out to be a fun place to meet with decent food

Barolo Ristorante
1940 Westlake Avenue, Seattle  98101


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