Travel review: JetBlue

After a lovely time in New York, dad, ‘future mom’ and I flew to the west coast

Our favourite airline overall is Singapore Airlines for their modern planes and top class service. However, JetBlue is a close second favourite

 JetBlue is regarded as a budget airline, which makes it even more incredible. Dad and I are used to the European model of budget airlines, where they charge you for literally everything extra. In return for cheap flights, you’re expected to put up with minimum standards in return

What a breath of fresh air JetBlue is. Even at reduced prices, you get a load of extras all included in the price. Check in luggage as standard. In flight food and drinks with their signature blue potato chips. Free TV seatback TV channels via DirectTV. Eat your heart out, other budget airlines, especially those in the UK!

The website is good for reservations though dad has yet to get their printed barcodes on the electronic tickets to register on the check in machines

The other lovely surprise is the generous legroom on board. You can pay more for the roomier seats up front with an unbelievable 38 inch pitch

Dad, ‘future mom’ and I flew out of their JFK Terminal 5 hub in Brooklyn. JetBlue have the whole terminal to themselves. One word of warning. All other airports in the world offer a free train to connect all the terminals and transport hub. JFK charge you to ride the Airtrain. Hmmm, bad JFK

 Check in is usually painless but there can be short waits at security. Once inside, there’s a nice choice of restaurants and shops. We had a filling breakfast before getting on board

Friendly staff helped to make a 5 hour flight to Seattle a pleasure. Whenever we are able to fit it into our plans, we fly JetBlue. Dad even tries fit our schedule around their routes

JetBlue Airways


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