Travel review: Seattle Tacoma International Airport

Affectionately known as SEATAC by locals, the airport is located about 10 miles south of downtown Seattle

Dad and I love watching the landing as the plane flies over the complex series of islands and waterways which surround the area. It’s always verdant and green, a lovely reminder of the wonderful nature that surrounds the city

 Unlike London’s Heathrow Airport, there’s a sense of space around SEATAC due to its development outside of the city limits. The main terminal building has 4 concourses with 2 satellite terminals, all connected by a rail shuttle system if you don’t fancy walking

Dad and I fly domestically from SEATAC. American airports and airlines have perfected the automated check in system. Unlike the UK bumbling system, the US procedures are instinctive and flow well. Security lines vary in length according to time of day

My favourite area airside is the large central atrium, which has a selection of eateries and lots of seating for me and dad to sit and watch the airplane activity outside through huge windows

 There is a good range of restaurants and shops. There’s even a spa and there’s no guessing where my favourite area is. Yes, a special room just for bears

 The rental cars have all moved off-site now to a dedicated common car rental centre. It does mean having to wait for a shuttle bus, so budget extra time for this

 However, this is offset by the light rail transit, which connects the airport to downtown Seattle. A bit of a walk from the terminal, the light rail only costs an unbelievable few dollars to whisk you to all the main downtown destinations and it has just been extended to Capitol Hill and the University quarter

SEATAC has been the happy gateway to many happy trips to Seattle


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