Guest travel review: Queen’s Terminal at Heathrow Airport

Hi there. It’s Patchy Bear and Ski Bear again. One last post about our ski holiday to Les Gets in France

Heathrow Airport is rebuilding some of its older terminals. The newest of these is currently terminal 2, known as the Queen’s Terminal. It hosts mainly European airlines. We flew out with Swiss airlines, which had the most comprehensive self check in process – you even have to tag your own check in baggage

Security was efficient and we were soon airside. Lots of seating and high end shops. Certainly the most interesting and varied restaurant choice of any of the Heathrow terminals

Dad and sis chose to try Heston Blumenthal’s Perfectionist’s Cafe for breakfast. Very accurate cooking of eggs Benedict and a sausage butty but none of the mad chef bells and whistles that one could expect of a Heston restaurant

Where they really let themselves down was the long immigration queue. Over an hour of watching 2-3 officers deal with the queue was painful

Not bad for Heathrow


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