Guest travel review: Skiing in Les Gets

Please let me introduce my friends Patchy Bear and Ski Bear. They’re are part of dad and his sister’s inner circle of bears. There are 6 of us altogether in the inner circle

Patchy and  Ski Bear go skiing as Patchy is a polar bear and Ski Bear had skis. This week, dad and his sister are away skiing in France for 3 days and my friends will be posting some guest travel reviews. So, over to them

For short ski trips, it’s important to maximise time on the slopes by minimising travel times. In that sense, Geneva is a good choice of airport as you can be in some of the best European ski resorts in about an hour to an hour’s drive

The last 2 years, dad and sis have gone to the Portes du Soleil ski area, which straddles France and Switzerland. It’s a sprawling area with different bases and you may need to catch a few buses to get around the entire area – there’s a local area challenge to get around the entire area in a day Continue reading

Travel review: Hertz

When we travel, dad and I often need to drive. In fact, some holidays require driving to fully experience that country, like the wide roads of the USA

Car rental counters are never great fun. Especially after a long flight. The staff seem to take forever to process each customer with a laborious process to allocate a car

There are cheaper rental companies than Hertz but dad found out that you could get Gold member status after making just 3 rentals. So, we went with Hertz and have stayed with them over the years Continue reading

It’s arrived!

A few weeks ago, I shared a Richmond Sausages advert on here. Here’s another advert in that same series

Dad and ‘future mom’ managed to find a packet of Richmond Sausages with a Teddy tracker prize and it has arrived. The offer closes on 16/2/16, so if you want one for your beloved teddy, you still have a couple of weeks to keep searching 


Teddy Bear Toss

Now, teddy bears have a very big heart, especially when it comes to charity. However, I do take my hat off to these teddy bears who allow themselves to be thrown for charity

The Calgary Hitmen of the Western Hockey League have a teddy bear tossing tradition. Once a year, their charitable fans bring bears to the annual Teddy Bear Toss. This year’s event saw a record 28,815 bears tossed onto the ice in the 21st running of the event. The event demolished the organisation’s previous world record of 26,919 bears collected during the Hitmen’s 2007 Teddy Bear Toss. The teddy bears are donated to charities in the Calgary area

Here are the players with the bears

Bear toss

Travel review: America – a land of surprises

Over all the last decade, dad and I have travelled extensively in the USA. Once you’ve worked your way through the laborious visa application process, they are generous in giving a 10 year multiple entry visa as standard

The USA is a land of many faces, both in the people and the landscape. Having seen the variety of natural beauty available in their own country, dad and I aren’t surprised that so few Americans have a passport because they can see so many aspects of the Earth’s wonders right home, from the icy glaciers of Alaska to the white beaches of Florida, from the arid desert of Death Valley to the forests of soaring redwoods in Northern California Continue reading

Travel review: Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic is my and dad’s trans-Atlantic airline of choice. Dad has the Virgin Atlantic credit card, so he collects miles for his purchases. If he spends enough in a year, he gets extra rewards like a free companion flight (yay for me!)

These miles can be used to get reductions in fares (only 2000 miles required for this) as well to get upgrades in class or even for ‘free’ flights. I’ve put parentheses around the word free because you still have to pay the taxes, which is about half the cost of the ticket. It is also very important to realise that there are limited numbers of reduced / upgradeable / free seats on any individual flight, so it’s important to book these seats early Continue reading