Travel review: USA west coast v east coast

As travellers with a serious case of wanderlust, dad and I used to wonder why so many Americans didn’t have a passport. However, when we started to travel around this vast country, we started to understand that it is a country of so many vistas, so many climates and so many contrasts

There are so many different places to explore within the USA that there’s no need for Americans to leave their own borders. As dad and I traveled more in the USA, we’ve come to appreciate the nuances and character if the different areas of the country

The east coast is closer to the UK and most Brits would probably be introduced to the USA with a visit to East Coast destinations like New York or in our case, Orlando. Yup, dad and I are definitely big kids!

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Travel review: America – a land of surprises

Over all the last decade, dad and I have travelled extensively in the USA. Once you’ve worked your way through the laborious visa application process, they are generous in giving a 10 year multiple entry visa as standard

The USA is a land of many faces, both in the people and the landscape. Having seen the variety of natural beauty available in their own country, dad and I aren’t surprised that so few Americans have a passport because they can see so many aspects of the Earth’s wonders right home, from the icy glaciers of Alaska to the white beaches of Florida, from the arid desert of Death Valley to the forests of soaring redwoods in Northern California Continue reading