Teddy Bear Toss

Now, teddy bears have a very big heart, especially when it comes to charity. However, I do take my hat off to these teddy bears who allow themselves to be thrown for charity

The Calgary Hitmen of the Western Hockey League have a teddy bear tossing tradition. Once a year, their charitable fans bring bears to the annual Teddy Bear Toss. This year’s event saw a record 28,815 bears tossed onto the ice in the 21st running of the event. The event demolished the organisation’s previous world record of 26,919 bears collected during the Hitmen’s 2007 Teddy Bear Toss. The teddy bears are donated to charities in the Calgary area

Here are the players with the bears

Bear toss


3 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Toss

  1. Well, it’s good that teddies are going to charity, but I don’t know how I feel about them being THROWN onto the ice….with those sharp hockey skate blades everywhere! Seems hazardous to me. Couldn’t they just be gently put in bins somewhere? Some teddies have a really tough life.


  2. If teddies have hearts, I do not know. Someone told me once that they have at least 2-3 stents under their lovely fur. By replacing these stents from time to time, their eyes brighten up and their body gets elevated to the desired height. Otherwise, teddies are motionless and contemplative.


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