Guest travel review: mountain restaurants in Les Gets

Greetings from Ski Bear and Patchy Bear standing in for uncle Teddy on our ski trip to Les Gets on France

 Skiing is one of those few times that you can stuff your face with fewer feelings of guilt. With all the exercise on the pistes, you can afford to eat a few calories. To that end, the food in this Savoyard region does have its hearty dishes like tartiflette and raclette, where they give you a whole block of cheese on your table and a heated to melt it onto whole potatoes and cured meats

Mountain restaurants tend to be quick fuel and dash jobs though you will get some finer dining options in some swanky resorts. Wherever you stop on the mountain though, you’ll be blessed with heavenly views of the slopes, especially if the sun’s out to play. Otherwise, some places have cozy fireplaces indoors. That’s why dad and sis prefer to eat on the mountain rather than back in town

They stopped twice at Wetzet, which is halfway down the Tulipe piste served by the Ranfoilly lift in the Chavannes sector. They have a serving hatch, delivering food and drink impressively quickly but inside, there’s table service. It serves good, solid ski food. They had sausage and fries and a Nutella crepe. Prices are average for a mountain restaurant and the views were lovely


Dad and sis did find a hidden gem. Exploring the quieter Mont Chery sector, which requires a short transfer from the Chavannes lift, they heard literal funky music just when they felt like a drink stop. They traced it to the open deck of La Grande Ourse, the highest restaurant in the area at 1750m. They found a live band leading late afternoon skiers in a boogie

 The views are fantastic from the outdoor deck, looking back on the Chavannes sector on the opposite side with Mont Blanc in the background. It’s at this point that the great service became clear when the Cornish owner came round with fur blankets to help ward off the chill of the slowly setting sun. They were then invited indoors to sit by the roaring fire

A short chat revealed the remarkable story behind La Grande Ourse. Prior to the Cornish family purchasing the property, it had fallen into disrepair over 15 years. They’ve done a great job restoring the place and have Bren building their business over the last 10 years

A clue to the English ownership is the sign advertising a hog roast on Sundays. A look at their menu with dishes like Thai spiced mussels and scallop & lobster tartiflette reveal a serious chef in the kitchen and an ambitious culinary business

Dad and sis ordered a snack of potato skins to tide them over until dinner. They wee the best potato skins they’ve ever had – truly crispy skins topped with melted cheesy goodness, served with 2 flavoursome dips

 Dad and sis enjoyed their short break in Les Gets but perhaps their greatest regret is not having booked an extra day so they could experience one of La Grande Ourse’s grand evening dinners that they only found out about on their visit. These run on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You travel up to the restaurant by snowcat and enjoy a 5 course meal with champagne. It’s a must do on their next trip

Next week, we’ll share the village restaurants that dad and sis ate at in Les Gets


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