Guest travel review: final thoughts on skiing

It’s Patchy Bear and Ski Bear here. We hope you’ve enjoyed our guest reviews from Les Gets in France. Just a few final thoughts about skiing

 Skiing is a unique holiday though it’s not to everyone’s taste. However, dad and we love it for its combination of great views, clean mountain air, exercise and seeing new countries

The snow conditions can vary and while skiing in the middle of winter gives the best probability of good snow, it’s no guarantee. For example, this year has seen the best snow at the end of season. The best skiing conditions are straight after a dump of fresh snow. To that end, if you have a fresh dump of snow, get out and ski in it as you never know when the next fresh snow day will come. This especially applies if you love skiing fresh powder off-piste

Similarly, with the sun, you never know when you will next be able to sit outdoors just in your t shirt, surrounded by snow but basking in the sun. So, take advantage when the conditions are sunny

Speaking of sun, make sure that you have good eye protection – preferably sunglasses as well as goggles. The altitude and white snow combine to cause glare and your eyes will definitely thank you. Goggles have the added advantage of keeping you warm and giving better definition to the snow when skiing

 If you’re lucky to get sun, the thinner air will mean that you will sunburn much quicker, so good sun protection is essential

Also, please get a helmet. This fashion has changed remarkably quickly over the last few years and now, the vast majority of skiers and boarders wear helmets on the slopes. So, if someone else with a helmet crashes into you, their helmet may bash your head

As stated in our previous post, ski insurance is compulsory. We also recommended buying your own boots if you catch the ski bug. Comfortable (though that’s a relative term!), custom fitted boots are a lovely luxury

 Dad and sis decided that the hassle of owning, servicing and transporting their own skis to not be worth it, so they hire them. Also, ski technology has evolved a lot and it’s been good to ski on the latest technology as it has developed

You have learn to manage your ‘stuff’ when you first start skiing. Ski gear has a lot of pockets to help segregate the stuff. So, use them and try not to leave stuff behind. The important thing not to leave behind in your hotel room is your lift pass as it means taking off your boots and trekking back upstairs again

Never ski alone. If you get injured, there needs to be someone who can go for help

In a group, you need a sweeper at the back – a good skier, who can help people who fall. Make sure you can recognise the one leading the group – skiers can look remarkably similar once everyone sets off

Have fun on the slopes the way you want. Skiing can be a strangely competitive sport. Some like to push their limits but if you like the cruisey blue runs, then that’s fine too. There’s no one right way to enjoy a ski holiday

  As for hotels, we prefer ski in/ski out if possible of being as close to the lifts as possible. Carrying ski gear is no fun at all

Lastly, enjoy it. Have a tale to tell. Patchy Bear and Ski Bear signing off for now! We hope you’ve enjoyed our ski reviews from Les Gets and look forward to posting about future ski trips


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