Guest travel review: Restaurant La R’mize

Patchy Bear and Ski Bear here. We’re continuing our reviews from the ski resort of Les Gets in France

Dad did check up on restaurants in Les Gets before the trip and La R’mize was the top-ranked restaurant on Tripadvisor. A couple of emails and the table was booked for dinner

La R’mize is in the old town, a 5 minute walk from the main ski area of Les Gets. Dad and sis arrived to a ‘restaurant complet’ sign, so it was a good thing that dad booked a table. They don’t have online reservations but respond promptly to emails

The decor of the restaurant has a cozy charm to it and as they don’t seem to resell tables, the ambiance is nice and relaxed for your meal. The sole waitress is sweet and efficient, seeing to all the guests

 Dad and sis went for a combination of the menu gourmand and the a la carte. It’s nice that not everyone on the table has to have the menu gourmand. While they were perusing the menu, a plate of light cheese puffs arrived, which was a nice touch

 The starters were excellent. A smooth, just thick enough cauliflower soup with generous amounts of sliced sweet scallops

 As they were in France, escargots (snails) were almost obligatory. Here, they were served in a nice cream sauce, topped with a disc of puff pastry

 For main course, they had lamb loin and duck, both cooked to medium rare perfection as requested

They finished the meal with one of dad’s signature dishes that he cooks for dinner parties, passion fruit creme brulee. They got the balance of sour to sweet just right

 Dad and sis highly recommend La R’mize if you ever find yourself in Les Gets but make sure to make a reservation to avoid disappointment

La R’mize
160 Rue du Vieux Village, Les Gets, France


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