Travel review: USA west coast v east coast

As travellers with a serious case of wanderlust, dad and I used to wonder why so many Americans didn’t have a passport. However, when we started to travel around this vast country, we started to understand that it is a country of so many vistas, so many climates and so many contrasts

There are so many different places to explore within the USA that there’s no need for Americans to leave their own borders. As dad and I traveled more in the USA, we’ve come to appreciate the nuances and character if the different areas of the country

The east coast is closer to the UK and most Brits would probably be introduced to the USA with a visit to East Coast destinations like New York or in our case, Orlando. Yup, dad and I are definitely big kids!


New York is an exciting introduction to the USA. A rare example of a true 24 hour city, it’s fast-paced, exciting, full of iconic sights and with so many faces and facets. Orlando is the pinnacle of man-made fun for the family

 We find the east coast to be lively, non-stop and wanting to be the centre of attention. It’s a fun introduction to this vast country

Our forays to the west coast metropolises of San Francisco and Seattle quickly revealed a different vibe, a different feel to the place. Though still ambitious with a healthy dose of American entrepreneurial spirit, it’s more relaxed. Over time, dad and I have learned that we prefer the west coast chilled out atmosphere and choose to spend time on the west coast these days

Then, we discovered the national parks of the west coast. While there are undoubtedly beautiful parts on the east coast, the vistas of places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Olympic Peninsula, Zion, Crater Lake and Sedona are truly breathtaking in their beauty and their scale. Dad and I look forward to sharing these places with you in our reviews

We’ll be starting our reviews of the west coast with a look at Seattle in a few days


3 thoughts on “Travel review: USA west coast v east coast

  1. Absolutely! I haven’t been around the Seattle area a lot, but if you’re ever in California, you have to visit the Big Sur area. Driving the PCH from Monterey to LA is just stunning. Spend a few nights camping and exploring. There’s tons of waterfalls and scenic viewpoints.
    (McWay Falls is especially nice with a very short hike) Mono Lake is also fascinating up in the very north of California. I’ve personally never been there but I’ve heard good things. Also of course, the Redwood National Forest, Napa Valley, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, and Joshua Tree.
    I could go on and on! California has so much to offer.
    I have a post about Big Sur if you would like to see some pictures. I’m still working on other posts about some other CA places.
    Goodluck on your travels!


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