Travel review: Pies & Thighs, Brooklyn

One of dad and my favourite TV programs is Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on the Food Channel, where Guy Fieri drives around America visiting less high brow eateries and uncovering local gems

Tying in nicely with our love of fried chicken and our visit to New York, we looked up one of the restaurants featured in the program on our trip to New York last summer. Pies and Thighs specialise in fried chicken and huge pies. They have a couple of branches but we chose their location in Brooklyn as it was closer to our hotel


We chose to have brunch there and arrived early as there’s a no reservation policy. It isn’t the largest restaurant and we were glad to be early arrivers as there was a healthy queue of hungry diners by the time we left Continue reading

Dad’s review of Ma’ Plucker, Soho, London

Dad is a sucker for fried chicken. Whisper it softly but he likes KFC. He claims it’s because he’s Malaysian and to be fair to him, in Malaysia, going out for KFC is an occasion without the stigma of being seen as merely junk fast food

So, when dad’s good friend Andrew asked  whether he wanted to try a new chicken place in Soho, Ma’ Plucker, there was only ever likely to be one answer. Find out what dad thought of the chicken at Ma’ Plucker here