Film review – Brooklyn

Let me tell you a little secret. Dad’s an old softy and a romantic at heart. He doesn’t feel that chicks should have the full monopoly on chick flicks and he can just as often be found engrossed in a rom com as the latest sci fi epic. Hence, when ‘future mom’ suggested going to watch Brooklyn, it wasn’t hard to persuade him!

Brooklyn is one of those films that it’s hard to pigeonhole and when you attempt to describe the plot to your friends when recommending the film, it sounds like it’s about nothing. However, Brooklyn is the perfect example of how great cinema doesn’t always need the grand plot to create magic. So, let’s get the plot bit out of the way first and dad & I can then tell you why we really enjoyed it. Don’t worry about spoilers here as we won’t give the main spoiler away and knowing about the story won’t diminish your enjoyment of it

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