Our favourite theme park in the world part 1

Carrying on our travel reviews in New Jersey, dad and I would like to share our favourite theme park in the world. We especially love riding roller coasters and are air time junkies, air time being that falling feeling you get when something drops rapidly. We can therefore be found at the back of roller coasters, where the connoisseurs and air time junkies can be found – the front seats are for the tourists! At the back, you get the best falling feeling as the cars will be accelerating the fastest down the drops

Of course, I’m not strictly allowed on roller coasters as I could be classed as a loose item but dad has snuck me on a few. He tucks me into the front of his jacket and does it up really securely so that I can’t fall out but my head is sticking out so that I can see

So, which is our favourite theme park in the world? Continue reading