Travel review: Hertz

When we travel, dad and I often need to drive. In fact, some holidays require driving to fully experience that country, like the wide roads of the USA

Car rental counters are never great fun. Especially after a long flight. The staff seem to take forever to process each customer with a laborious process to allocate a car

There are cheaper rental companies than Hertz but dad found out that you could get Gold member status after making just 3 rentals. So, we went with Hertz and have stayed with them over the years Continue reading

Travel review: Penang restaurant, Princeton

Dad and I are finishing off our series of New Jersey reviews by sharing the restaurant that serves the best Malaysian food outside of Malaysia

There is a chain of restaurants with the Penang name in New Jersey but this one on Nassau Park Boulevard just off US1 in Princeton is independent from them

They have Chinese chefs in the kitchen but they understand the important points about Malaysian flavour profiles. The menu is littered with classic Malaysian hawker dishes (read a little guide about Malaysian hawker food here) Continue reading

Kong Hee Fatt Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s dad’s year this year – the year of the monkey. I think it suits him well. Dad’s mother always says she’s glad that he was born at night when monkeys are sleeping, otherwise he’d he even more michevious than he already is 


Dad has shared his Cookoff Gang’s Chinese New Year cookoff. Read about their 8 course feast here