Guest travel review: Is skiing for you?

Hi there. It’s Patchy Bear and Ski Bear here. Uncle Teddy is letting us guest blog this week as we’ve come skiing in Les Gets with dad and his sister

 Dad and sis have been lucky to have been skiing quite a lot and they love it but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So, what are the good and bad things about skiing?

Perhaps the best things is the stunning scenery. The views of the mountains in ski resorts are truly some of the best parts of planet Earth. There’s a sense of awe, grandeur and majesty as you sit and absorb how big they are and how small you are. If you’re lucky, some fresh snowfall will add snow on the leaves and branches of trees and sunshine will make the view perfect

 Secondly, the sensation of gliding down the mountain on skis is very addictive. We can’t think of anything which reproduces that sensation. One caveat though is that it is obviously exercise, so your muscles may complain if you’re not fit but cruising blue runs isn’t too tough

Thirdly, eating during a ski holiday involves no guilt as you’re burning so many calories and on a sunny day, sitting outside and munching with a stunning view is heavenly

 As for the downsides, it isn’t the cheapest holiday once you’ve added up things like lift pass and equipment hire to the basic cost of flights, transfers and hotel. For the first holiday, our advice would be to borrow ski clothing until you decide whether skiing is for you, otherwise you might be left with some very warm and colourful clothing that you can’t use elsewhere

If cost is a real issue, consider cheaper places like Bulgaria which have been upping their game and facilities recently. They won’t have the mileage of runs like some of the French super resorts but as a beginner, you don’t that many miles yet. In fact, Les Gets is a good resort for beginners in terms of cost and amount of skiing available

Do take lessons when you start skiing. Never rely on friends or even worse, a partner to teach you. Similar to letting a partner teach you to drive, it will end in tears and possibly divorce!

Though it may be tempting to go for private lessons as you’ll progress quicker, we would recommend group lessons as it’s more fun – you’ll fall together, try to help each other and then wipe out yourself. Skiing is a strangely competitive sport and you only get to be a beginner once when everyone in the class is a fellow beginner and you all just have a giggle together trying to master the strange art of sliding downhill on 2 planks

When you start skiing, it will feel weird and none more so than wearing ski boots. In order to transmit leg movements instantly to your skis, ski boots are invariably tight, super-snug prisons around your feet. Dad had problems getting his feet in and out of his ski boots, possibly because they’re over 20 years old! There’s always a sigh of relief at the end of the day when skiers take their boots off. Once you’ve decided that you’re addicted to skiing, one of the earliest recommended purchases is a pair of your own boots with custom fitted soles. Though expensive, they will quickly pay for themselves in hire costs saved and there’s no replacement for the comfort of better fitting ski boots

You’ll find that conditions will vary widely as you ski, even from day to day. So, you may come up against heavy snowfall, icy runs and fog to name a few, which can reduce even experienced skiers to nervous wrecks but generally, the good days will far outnumber the bad days

 Make sure you have good insurance just in case the worst happens. It’s not optional as ski injury costs can run into tens of thousands of pounds

Hope this little synopsis helps. Tomorrow, we’ll continue with our look at Les Gets


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