‘Future mom’ treats dad to a day at SenSpa, Careys Manor Hotel in the New Forest

Firstly, just a quick clarification. Dad and ‘future mom’ are getting married in August, after which she becomes my official mom!

‘Future mom’ had a little surprise for dad last weekend. To kick off their wedding year with something special, she had arranged a spa day for them both down in the New Forest

The New Forest is located in the south of England adjacent to the English Channel, giving it a nice mix of low lying forested areas, the sea and some charming villages. It’s also famous for its free wandering wildlife like ponies and pigs

Careys Manor Hotel is located in the village of Brockenhurst. SenSpa is located at the back of the hotel and has its own entrance. Hotel guests have access to some of the facilities but the spa takes day guests too

The spa has mixed Thai/Roman decor but I think the overall ambiance is meant to have an oriental vibe. Dad and ‘future mom’ received a warm welcome on arrival and the staff were really great throughout their stay

They started off with a light breakfast in the Zen Garden restaurant attached to the spa as they filled in a short health questionnaire. It was a continental breakfast but dad couldn’t help himself but have a large helping of the fresh fruit on offer. He certainly lives up to being a monkey (his Chinese horoscope animal) in that respect!


Then, it was time to hit the spa! There were robes and slippers in the lockers and lots of towels. The main good-sized swimming pool, spa and sauna the available to everyone. The only weakness of SenSpa is that there aren’t enough chairs in this main pool area when it gets busy but dad and ‘future mom’ had access to the hydrotherapy area

The hydrotherapy area is included in the day packages and as an upgrade option to hotel guests. Access to this area is controlled with an electronic wristband. There’s a large warm hydrotherapy pool with various jets and bubble beds to enjoy. There are also different hot rooms, an ice room (yes, crazy dad did the ice bucket challenge), sensory experience showers and a relaxation room

Access to various classes were included in the package but dad and ‘future mom’ just chilled out for the day

Lunch was a 2 course Thai meal. The chicken satay was a little dry (dad says traditional satay should use thigh meat, not breast to overcome this issue) but the rest of the meal was fantastic – deep fried golden king prawns, green chicken curry and pad thai

In the afternoon, ‘future mom’ had booked arm and hand massages for them both. Dad’s not a metrosexual man at all but he confessed that he did enjoy it. Since meeting ‘future mom’, she’s taken him to 4 spa experiences and I think he may just be getting used to a bit of girly pampering!

The day finished as it began- with food. A generous afternoon tea with sandwiches, cakes and scones was served as a goodbye

A fabulous day and start to 2016! I wonder if ‘future mom’ will take me too next time!

Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa
Lyndhurst Road, Brockenhurst, Hampshire SO42 7RH


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