Best invention ever. Yes, really

Over the Christmas Holidays, dad and ‘future mom’ went to the cinema. During the adverts before the film, the following advert came up. Before you get to the end of the advert, try and guess what product they’re trying to sell. I bet you that you’ll never guess!

Dad and I can’t figure out the link between sausages and teddy bears but we’re not complaining. Anything to help repatriate lost teddy bears and their owners is to be applauded

Richmond Sausages are giving away 200000 teddy trackers away. Look for their promotional packs of sausages

 Enter the code on the side of the pack at their website to see if you’ve won a teddy tracking token. The promotion ends on 14/2/16

I can’t help feeling that this technology should be extended beyond a promotion for Richmond Sausages. Perhaps, they could do a deal with Build a Bear Workshop to put them into all teddy bears that they make

Oh and the sausages we bought ended up in a sausage casserole – thanks, ‘future mom’ for a yummy dinner


4 thoughts on “Best invention ever. Yes, really

  1. You find the best teddy stuff and videos ever! I’m 42 and still have my childhood bear…he continues to travel around with me, like your teddy does. A teddy tracking device is the best idea ever; you’re right in that it should go well beyond an advertisement for sausages!


      • Why thank you! I used to blog all the time and Pookey was heavily featured…he always got the most hits of any of the topics I posted on. I don’t travel much anymore (I have a young child now), but if Pookey has any great adventures, I’ll let you know. 🙂


      • Well, it’s the reverse for me. I only get a mention on Ted’s blog! He’s a busy bear these days. Regards to you both from me and Ted

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