Is the Everyman cinema in Winchester for everyone?

The Everyman cinema in Winchester is part of a small chain and it has just undergone a fabulous refurbishment. What was a conventional cinema is now interstellar. The front rows are still conventional cinema seating but the back rows now have super comfy sofas with tons of leg room. No airplane seat legroom here. The sofas have a matrix of either 2 or 3 seats. Whoever first got the inception for this idea deserves a medal 
The seats don’t cost peanuts but not much more than what I would pay for a full priced peak show viewing in a cramped conventional seat in London, so it’s good value – no inside out thinking there

 The foyer bar serves a wider range of food and drink than usually found at your local Odeon, including alcohol. No hunger games here. It’s almost like being in your own home but with a giant 3D screen and having your own chef to grease the dining experience and bring you joy

With only 2 screens, they have to be creative with rotating and scheduling their films but they do fit in a good mixture of big hits and more art house showings, including the sound of music from live broadcasts
It comes highly recommended by dad and ‘future mom’.

P.S. Yes, there are movie references in the post. Did you spot all 11?


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