Ted travels to Forest Holidays in the Forest of Dean part 2

Welcome back to my review of Forest Holidays in the Forest of Dean. In part 1, I covered the wonderful romantic cabin at Forest Holidays

In today’s posting, I shall share the fun activities and restaurants that dad, ‘future mum’ and I found around the Forest of Dean. The Forest of Dean lies right on the border between England and Wales with easy access to the Cotswolds to the east and the Brecon Beacons to the west

Right next door to the Forest Holidays site is Symonds Yat Rock, a high vantage point to view the surrounding countryside and the meandering river Wye below. There are many marked trails through the forest and the walk from the car parks to the viewing platform is a flat stroll

The sheltered cliff face of the Rock is a breeding ground for peregrine falcons and the weekend that we were there, the RNIB were there with telescopes set up to help the public view the birds and their nests. Ever since there was a theft of falcon eggs a few years ago from those nests, there has been a constant watch on those nests

If you’re feeling fit, you can walk down to the village of Symonds Yat from the Rock but we drove though be aware parts of the road down are one way only, so please drive carefully

The village of Symonds Yat is divided into east and west by the river Wye but it is connected by one of the last hand ferries in the UK. It has some lovely accommodation options by the river, eating options and boat trips leave from the dock

Dad booked a canoe trip through Forest Holidays. It was run by Wyedean Canoe & Adventure Centre and you can easily book directly. After being kitted out in a life jacket, there was a canoeing instruction session back at base camp in Symonds Yat and valuables were put away into waterproof barrels before dad and ‘future mom’ boarded the minibus to be transported upriver to the Kerne Bridge launch point


Dad had booked a half day paddle and it was a very pleasant couple of hours meandering down the river, finishing up at Symonds Yat. The full day paddle would also involve tackling a small section of rapids downstream from the village. In general, the trip downriver was uneventful but there are a few sections of faster running water to look out for

 After a morning working up a healthy appetite in the canoe, dad and ‘future mom’ had a lovely lunch at Saracen’s Head. They shared a yummy plank of fresh seafood and you may have noticed that they tactically saved space for a cream tea at Rose Cottage


In the last part of my travel review to the Forest of Dean, I will share the fine dining dinners that dad and ‘future mom’ enjoyed


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