Best Christmas tree ever. Yes, really. Take a look and see if you agree

One of dad’s work colleagues alerted him to this Christmas tree at St Pancras station this year. It sounded amazing and unique, so dad and I headed up to London to take a look

Although King’s Cross station is famously mentioned in the Harry Potter books and now forever linked by platform 9 and 3/4, dad and I think that the turrets of neighbouring St Pancras make it look more like Hogwarts

A kind policeman pointed in the direction of the Christmas tree, promising it that it was something special. As we came round the corner, the 2 storey tree came into view

Yup, the tree is sponsored by Disney and made up of cuddly toys. While dad and I don’t generally condone the stringing up of cuddly toys, these ones looked secure and happy

As we were there, dad and I captured a few more shots to showcase more of Islambard Kingdom Brunel’s stunning station, which now serves as London’s Eurostar terminal as well as local services


So, what do you think? Is this the best Christmas tree you’ve ever seen? Have you got any other amazing trees to share?


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