Travel review: High Line, New York

Before we travelled to New York last summer, ‘future mom’, dad and I researched places to see. As we had all been to New York before, we were looking for newer attractions and the High Line kept popping up

Also known as High Line Park, this is an urban re-purposing of a disused elevated section of railway track into a park. It runs from Gransevoort St, located 3 blocks south of 14th street to 34th street. The total length of the park is 1.45 miles, making it a pleasant stroll

We accessed the park on 23rd street, one of the five entrances offering wheelchair access though the lift was broken on our visit

The walkway is made of pebble-dashed concrete and the width varies along its path. At certain points, the pathway opens out to a wider area where you may find artists gathered or stadium seating

The plants that adorn the pathway reflect what used to grow there naturally when it was a railway. They provide welcome shade in the summer heat

There are art installations along the route but we didn’t see any during our visit. It’s free to visit and you’ll see High Line park staff along the route, making it feel safe
High Line was a pleasant visit but I wouldn’t call it a must see on your trip. Though a laudable regeneration project, there are more impressive parks in the city. As it’s a relatively narrow walkway, it felt busy and not tranquil with so many people constantly walking past. A few more flowers wouldn’t go amiss either

I would love to see a project like this thrive and hopefully, given more time, it will mature


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