Travel review: Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York’s iconic sights, connecting lower Manhattan to Brooklyn. The cable-stayed bridge spans the East river and the best tourist view is from South Street Seaport, where you can appreciate the beauty of the bridge

It opened in 1883 and the foundations of the bridge are so deep in the river that this was where the diving disease of the bends was first diagnosed in workers building the bridge. It has in the past carried trains and streetcars. However, today, it has 6 lanes of roadway and and elevated pedestrian and bicycle walkway suspended above the roadway

You can’t truly get a grip on the scale of this bridge by viewing it from the ground. It’s only once you get onto the bridge that you appreciate how long it is. I would recommend budgeting half an hour of time to walk across it, allowing time for photos and dodging your way round the crowd of tourists

You get views up and down the East river, south to Staten Island and north to Manhattan  Bridge. You do get good views of lower Manhattan with the skyscrapers of the business district and on that same side of the river, you can also see the new Freedom Tower rising from the site of the Twin Towers

At the foot of Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn, you’ll find River Cafe. Newly refurbished after being devastated in the storms a few years ago, it offers one of the best views of lower Manhattan and with clever positioning, all tables in the restaurant get that great view. They also offer a chocolate dessert in the shape of Brooklyn Bridge

It’s a touristy thing to walk the bridge but it’s fun and you’ll get some exercise into the bargain!


2 thoughts on “Travel review: Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

  1. I walk the bridge and I am no tourist. A good “allotted” time of exercise, and I can’t beat being outside with a water view, when I could be suffering inside my work (with no windows). This weekend though was a zoo- I drove across, glad I wasn’t walking (I walk too fast, might have had a few arguments) :p Love the teddy pics


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