Strictly Come Dancing Final 2015

Dad and I are huge Strictly Come Dancing fans. Ever since Natasha Kaplinsky waltzed off with the series 1 trophy with Brendan Cole, we’ve been riveted to our TV every autumn. As the autumn leaves turn red and gold and the nights draw in, our hearts are warmed by the fact that it must be time for the new series of Strictly Come Dancing again

The Strictly formula and judging panel have been gently massaged over the years to give us the current format, which is pretty much perfect. The dance off now gives the judges the power to eliminate the weaker dancers, making for a better quality of dancer in the final

We’ve had some pretty amazing dancers and dances over the years. It’s been great to see people who’ve never danced grow and blossom over the years, to make that journey, improving gradually through the weeks. We’ll be sharing our favourite dancers from previous years in future posts

Anyway, back to the class of 2015. After 12 weeks of dancing and 11 eliminations, the final 4 couples left standing are Jay & Aliona, Georgia & Giovanni, Kellie & Kevin and Katie & Anton. It’s been an exciting series in that different couples have leapt to the top of the leaderboard at different times. That very unpredictability has made this the most open final yet on Strictly. I think Katie & Anton are a bit fortunate to be in the final – our personal pick based on who we’d like to see dance again would be Helen George. In the week she was eliminated, Helen had the highest cumulative score of all the remaining contestants and she was unlucky that Georgia was also surprisingly in the bottom 2 that week

Here are our favourite dances by our final four to help you pick your favourite. Scroll down to the bottom to find out our favourite dancer and who we think will win

Jay & Aliona jive to Reservoir Dogs. Arguably the best dance of the series even though they danced it early on in week 3 and in our opinion, the only jive ever to seriously rival Jill Hallpenny as the best jive ever on Strictly

Georgia & Giovanni dance the American smooth to ‘I Have Nothing’. It was a close call between this dance and their charleston for our favourite dance but she has unexpectedly become an outstanding ballroom dancer and has probably had the best journey of all the dancers

Kellie & Kevin dance to ‘Let’s Face the Music’. Yes, another American smooth but this was classic Fred and Ginger. It brought a smile to traditionalist judge Len’s face but I suspect to the whole audience too

Katie & Anton foxtrot to ‘Maybe This Time’. Mr ballroom Anton takes full advantage of finally getting a partner without 2 left feet by using the whole floor in this elegant foxtrot

It’s notoriously difficult to predict the result of the final of Strictly as the winner is chosen entirely by audience vote on that night. The judges’ scores on finals night are there for guidance but count for nothing

So, what do we think? We think Katie will be first to be eliminated on the night. Jay is the best technical dancer. Georgia has improved the most and the British public love a good journey on Strictly. However, having seen clips of the couples’ show dances, our tip for the couple to get their hands on the famous glitterball trophy are Kellie & Kevin. Kevin became the first professional dancer to get to 3 successive finals and he has always been popular but we think their strength is momentum. They saved their best and most memorable performances for the quarterfinal and semifinal, topping the leaderboard in the semis. Their show dance is based on lindyhop and looks a real high energy crowd pleaser

As for our favourite dancer, we think the pair with the most chemistry are Georgia & Giovanni, resulting in their dancing having the most soul and honesty about it. So they get our vote for our favourite couple though it was close with Jay & Aliona and Helen & Aljaz also in our top 3 with Jay’s jive winning our favourite dance of series

The most unpredictable final ever. Everything to dance for. Dad and I will be clearing the decks on Saturday evening

So who do you think will be hoisting that glitterball aloft on Saturday?


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