Star Wars Gifts from Royal Mail

For those of you born in this century, let me explain what stamps are. A long, long time ago, in a place not that far away, before the whizzy internet was invented, humans were forced to communicate by old-fashioned paper. These communications, called letters, were delivered by an organisation called the Post Office. Users of this service had to put something called a stamp on the envelope containing the letter to indicate payment had been made for delivering the letter

These stamps were usually standard and boring but to commemorate special events, the Post Office would issue special stamps with designs to reflect these events

If you still haven’t bought those Christmas presents yet and you have loved ones who love Star Wars, dad and I would just like to bring to your attention this beautiful collection of stamps brought out to celebrate the new Star Wars film. They make a unique and beautiful gift to celebrate Star Wars and Christmas at the same time

The first day covers are personalised but are only available until the 17th of Dec, when the film is released in the UK. They are personalised with the recipients name and are available with a choice of either the Imperial or Alliance logos, depending on whether you’ve joined the dark side or remained on the light side

Dad bought his sci fi-mad ‘nephew to be’ the presentation pack, which contains all 12 special stamps, cleverly the light side and dark side characters on opposite sides the presentation sheet


Obviously, it goes without saying that we can’t wait to watch the film on Saturday with ‘mom to be’. We hope to be able to echo what Hans Solo said in the trailer,’Chewie, we’re home’


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