The new Star Wars movie is so close that I can almost feel the Force!

Dad and I are old enough to have watched Star Wars: A New Hope (episode 4) in the cinema in 1977. The special effects at that time were revolutionary and helped to seal dad’s fascination with science fiction

Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi completed the trilogy and propelled the films to legendary status. Though the special effects have dated, so many references from those films remain in modern popular culture

A discreet veil should drawn over the dark days of the second trilogy though dad and I did enjoy episode 3

There was an outcry from fans when George Lucas sold the rights to Star Wars to Disney. However, dad and I didn’t mind – this way, we get to see all 9 episodes that George Lucas had originally planned. Our hopes were further raised when Disney got J J Abrams to direct episode 7 and if these trailers are anything to go by, we’re in for one special film. I defy anyone to watch them and not get just a little excited

So, 6 days til film opens in the UK (Dec 17th in the UK, Dec 18th in the USA but the lucky French get it on the 16th). Dad and I have got tickets for the 19th, so expect a review soon afterwards

Til then, I’ll leave you with a Star Wars meme which tickled me

Anyone else looking forward to episode 7?


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