Teddy bear holidays in Lapland

Being indoor animals, we teddy bears don’t hibernate unlike our outdoor cousins. So, when the festive season comes around, we’re available for holiday travel

It’s the perfect time of year to make a magical visit to that most Christmas-sy of holiday destinations, Lapland. Well, fellow teddy bears, you’re in luck!

A Finnish travel agency, Teddy Tours Lapland, is offering tours to remote Lapland but only to teddy bears. Your host to Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle is none other than Santa Claus himself. After a tour of Rovaniemi, Arktikum and Oonasvaara to admire the northern landscapes, you’ll travel to the Arctic Circle, a feat that will be crememorated with an official certificate. You’ll post mum and dad a postcard from the post office in Santa Claus Village. The visit finishes with a meeting with Santa Claus himself and the whole trip will be captured with photos

A luxury tour is also available where you’ll get to have a reindeer ride, a horse ride and a picnic lunch with open fire in addition to the events on the standard tour and the visit will be captured on DVD. Tours are available all year round but obviously it’s most fun at this time of year

There are a few drawbacks. The major one is the need to be posted to Finland and back. Besides the indignity, it would be tragic if the post office lost you. The second is that of course, you’ll probably want mum and dad there to meet Santa Claus too. However, if you fancy a trip to Lapland and don’t mind travelling in the post, this is an option

Tours are available all year round but of course, the Santa Claus village will be the most magical at this time of year

I look forward to sharing more travel tips for teddy bears in the future, like getting your own airline but that’s a story for another post


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