Travel review: La Parisienne, Seattle

I’m continuing my travel reviews from my trip to the USA last summer. On our first day in Seattle, dad, ‘future mom’ and I headed over to Seattle Centre

Although dad and I had been to Seattle before, this was ‘future mom’s first trip to the city. So, we showed her the tourist sites. Seattle Centre was where the city hosted the 1962 World Fair. At that time, pioneering technologies like the monorail made its world debut and the iconic Space Needle still dominates the skyline

It was a nice stroll in sunny weather from our Belltown Airbnb apartment. As we were in an apartment, we had to find breakfast and we lucked out when we stumbled upon La Parisienne. It’s a quintessential French bakery, serving high-class pastries and hot drinks. Perfect for a wee bite to start our day

Dad and ‘future mom’ enjoyed a Paris-Brest and an apple turnover, which put a smile on their slightly jet lagged faces. Fortunately, being a teddy bear, I’m immune to such human frailties. Hehe

The friendly staff are obviously proud of their bakery and so should they be. If you need a wee constitutional in Belltown, La Parisienne comes with a mark of approval from us
La Parisienne
2507  4th Street, Belltown, Seattle 98121


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